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Youssef Nada facing injustice



Second Wave

November 1997 I received a call from Schreiber and Richard Labeviere of the Swiss Romande TV.

They wanted to interview me concerning the article of Corriere Della Sera. I informed them that our lawyer presented the case to Milan criminal court against Guido Olimpio and Corriere Della Sera and I refused to give them the interview.

May 14 th 1998 after the sad inhuman barbaric terrorist attack in Luxor - Egypt where a lot of Swiss tourists were killed The Swiss Romande TV aired a documentary film done by Richard Labeviere.


Youssef Nada before the attacks on him in 2001
Youssef Nada Befor the attacks on him in 2001
Youssef Nada in 2006
Youssef Nada now in 2006
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