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Youssef Nada facing injustice



There are a lot of differences in structures and aims between The KGB –the RUTHLESS REGIEMS as well as THOSE WHO ARE CHARACTERLESS AND UNQUALIFIED FOR ANY NOBEL JOB.

Nonetheless all of them use the same tactic to victimise their target if they cannot assassinate him.

The text book of the tactic reads:

‘Invent lies to smear your target, spread them until they become facts’

The question persists ‘whether I am a victim of such tactic’? And who are the vandals?

The answer is; indeed I am, and they will be uncovered through my battle searching for justice.


Youssef Nada before the attacks on him in 2001
Youssef Nada Befor the attacks on him in 2001
Youssef Nada in 2006
Youssef Nada now in 2006
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